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Welcome to the Kids Wings site. Many fairytales speak of a book that continuously writes itself for the delight of whoever possesses it. We like to imagine our site as being just such a book. It is with great pleasure that we now present to you our newest and finest creations.

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Kids Wings is a happening site. New stuff is being included all the time. Fly here to go directly to our latest additions.

We Proudly Present:

Gallery KJP

Colourful paintings of animals, birds, butterflies and imaginary creatures!


Laugh until your sides hurt. We invite you to explore silliness galore and the imaginative arts.

Making a Mess

Recipes that are both wonderfully and horribly sweet, as well as just plain yummy.

Thinking Thoughts

Pondering important stuff. We all need a few moments now and again to think about the big picture. This page has articles to help you do that.

UNICEF International Children's Day of Broadcasting
Royal Children's Hospital Puppet Multicast

As a part of December 1999's celebration we bring to you a puppet show performed by the children at the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital.


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